Sunday, March 10, 2024

Event Results: 'Stop Bluffing"


Alex Bryant def. Syde Effect in a Special Challenge encounter

Rip Cannon def. The Debuting Chayce Coleman

RWC Tag Team Championship
The Wrustlers(C) def. Kaydin Pierre & Elliot Shock and "Stone-Cold" Steve Harvey & Titan

RWC Jr. Championship
"Adrenaline" RJ Weaver(C) def. "Sinsational" Dre' White

RWC Heavyweight Championship
Xander Keys(C) def Debuting Camus Socrates


Alex Bryant’s Transformation: Alex Bryant, formerly known as “Playboy,” has undergone a significant transformation in the wrestling business. Shedding his old moniker, he has embraced a tougher role. Recently, he issued a special challenge to anyone in Pine Bluff, and the formidable Monster Syde Effect answered the call. The match was intense, and Alex emerged victorious, kickstarting a new chapter in his wrestling journey.

Chayce Coleman’s Debut: Chayce Coleman, with wrestling in his blood, faced off against RWC hype man Rip Cannon. Despite it being his first time against tough competition, Chayce held his own admirably. Caprice “Ice” Coleman, his father, must be proud. The RWC fans have already rallied behind this promising wrestling prodigy, welcoming him to the RWC family.

Tag Team Showdown: The reigning champions, The Wrustlers, were set to defend their title against Kaydin & Elliot. However, Stone-Cold Steve Harvey made an unexpected appearance, challenging Pine Bluff’s wrestling enthusiasts. His survey on naming the top teams in North Carolina yielded no results, as he humorously claimed the survey was too afraid of him. Steve Harvey then joined forces with hometown superstar Titan to spice up the tag team match.

Dre’ White’s Comeback: After undergoing life-changing heart surgery, “Sinsational” Dre’ White returned to the ring for an RWC Jr. Heavyweight contest. Although Dre displayed strength and fitness, “Adrenaline” RJ Weaver proved to be one step ahead, retaining his title. Dre White promised to make a full comeback soon.

Camus Socrates’ Arrival: Isaiah Prince’s private jet faced an unexpected grounding due to a known caller. Little did the RWC Champion know that Prince had a friend enroute to the USA. One such friend was French submissionist Camus Socrates, who walked into the building seeking the champ. Meanwhile, Zander Keys managed to outsmart the system and retain his title despite disqualification.

Global Talent at RWC: The RWC continues to welcome new talent from around the world, alongside the best local wrestlers.

Summary: Alex Bryant’s reinvention, Chayce Coleman’s impressive debut, unexpected twists in tag team matches, Dre’ White’s return, and international intrigue—all contribute to the vibrant wrestling scene at RWC. 🤼‍♂️🌟

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