Sunday, January 7, 2024

Event Results: So you wanna Battle?

So you wanna Battle?

Lucha Masters Of Latin America
Legends Championship
Christian Rayo def. Roman Mcintyre & Metallico to retain.
Battle Royal- Winner gets the 6th spot in Battle Zone
Rip Cannon def Syde Effect, Pecos, Metallico, Waco, Stone cold Steve Harvey, Pit boss Murphy, Dillon Mccabe and Owen Espinoza.
RWC Tag Team Championship match
The Wrustlers(C) def. Stone-cold Steve Austin & Syde Effect to retain the championships.
RWC Television Championship
G Moniy(C) def. Zuka King to retain the championship.
“Battle Zone”
You win by scoring the most pin falls or submissions in 30 mins.
2 participants will start and every 5 mins a new participant will enter until all 6 are in the ring. Once all 6 are in the ring “Battle Zone” will proceed. In case of a tie, Sudden death will occur, and the 1st pin or submission will be the winner.
Side Note: all championships are on the line if you are a champion in the Battle Zone.
Participants entered in this order:
RJ Weaver
Gem Stone
Rip Cannon
Xander Keys RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion
During the course of the match, Rip Cannon pinned Xander Keys to become the RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion. RJ Weaver pinned Rip Cannon to become the newest RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion!

The match ended with all men scoring 2 wins. Sudden death period started, and Xander Keys wins with the Dubai bye bye submission on Titan. Xander Keys is the New RWC Heavyweight Champion.

Next event is 'Still Real 2 me 2!" March 2, 2024, in Lumberton NC


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