Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Event Results: "Pony Up Big Boy"


Match 1: Tyler Jaxx defeated O-K & Angel Of Death
Match 2: Justin Storm defeated Rip Cannon
Match 3: The Wrustlers defeated The Devine Dynasty to retain the RWC Tag Team Championship
Match 4: RJ Weaver defeated Jeff Paul
Contract Signing: Before the signing took place Dex Carter made it clear once the contract is signed, James Anthony & J Swae can’t have anymore physical contact until Nov 18th and if so the match would be off and a indefinite suspension would be given. After both men signed Dex asked for a handshake to take place, James Anthony then attacked J-Swae giving him a Superkick. Dex would then say the match was off and James was suspended. James then grabbed the contract and said he can’t be suspended cause he never signed anything yet. Dex Carter stood in shock as there was nothing he could do, James then signed the contract and went to powerbomb J-Swae through the table, but The Wrustlers & RJ Weaver would make the save.
Match 5: Aaron Biggs defeated Tiger
(After the match Aaron would be ordered by Nite-Stic Eddie Brown to continue attacking Tiger and gave him 3 big splashes, Rip Cannon hit the ring with a chair and attacked Aaron Biggs getting revenge for the recent attacks by Aaron, Rip then grabbed the mic and accepted Aaron’s challenge for Homecoming Nov 18th)

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