Monday, August 7, 2023

Event Results: 25TH Anniversary RWC


25th Anniversary Show Results:

Match 1: G Moniy defeated Justin Storm to retain the RWC Television Championship

Match 2: In a Battle of Teacher vs Student, NWA superstar Fodder defeated Nite-Stic Eddie Brown

Match 3: Rip Cannon & RJ Weaver vs Mr Magnificent & Hunter Raynor ended in a No Contest when Aaron Biggs showed and destroyed all 4 men, Eddie Brown came out and made it clear that him & Aaron are here to end kill Ring Wars Carolina

Match 4: Sam Street defeated Sis Sisaki

Match 5: Xander Keys defeated James Anthony to retain the RWC Jr Heavyweight Championship

(After the match James would attack Referee Josue, as James was gonna give a ConChairTo to Josue, a female fan ran into the ring trying to protect Josuse from James. James would then grab the female and go for a piledriver on the chair but referee's, security & Dex Carter all came out to end the vicious attack)

Main Event: Gem Stone defeated CodeName FLX  in a Street Fight 

Join us in Pine Bluff NC this coming up Saturday when Ring Wars Carolina presents Remember The Titan 

Join us September 1st in Fayetteville NC at the Cumberland County Fair

Join us Sept 2nd in Lumberton NC at Ring Wars Carolina presents Road To Jeepers Creepers

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