Monday, November 7, 2022

Event Results: Homecoming 2022


Dex Carter opened up the show and introduced Mr. Magnificent as the night's special guest host, giving him full power of the show.

Match 1: Xander Keyes & Codename FLX defeated DNA & Syde Effect.
(After the match David Spector blamed and slapped Syde Effect for losing the match for his team, as Syde Effect was gonna attack Spector, DNA stepped in and got in the face of Syde Effect before leaving the ring with Spector.)

Match 2: The Wrustlers retained the RWC Tag Team Championship over Fighters Club members Casen Caine & David Parrish by disqualfication, Clara would break up the pinfall and then Amanda Kiss would attack Clara resulting in an all out brawl, Mr Magnificent would come out and make a 6 Person Tag Team Match which would see The Wrustlers & Amanda Kiss defeat Fighters Club when Amanda Kiss pinned Clara.

Match 3: Caribbean Tiger defeated T.I.M

After Intermission the man who Nite-Stic Eddie Brown attacked back at the Halloween Show would come out and introduce himself as Tripp a former wrestler. He would tell Dex Carter he is challenging Eddie Brown to a match on Dec 3rd. (No word if Eddie Brown has or would accept yet)

Match 4: The “Playboy” Alex Bryant defeated Kaydin Pierre to become the New RWC Television Champion.
(James Anthony would purposely get Kaydin disqualified to help him keep the championship, but Dex Carter would come out and ban James from ringside and threaten to suspend him and strip him of the Jr Championship if he didn't leave and then Dex would restart the match)

Semi Main: G Moniy & Gem Stone would end in a No Contest when both men were counted out and fought to the back.
(G-Moniy still remains 2022 Golden Opportunity Rumble Winner as a result)

Main Event: Fodder retained the RWC Heavyweight Championship over Shanghai Pierce by Disqualification when Tiger interfered attacking Fodder, both Tiger & Shanghai would attack Fodder's leg but Hunter Raynor and a few referee's were able to make the save before both men could do more damage.
Our next and last show "Family Appreciation 2022" in Lumberton NC of will be Dec 3rd, all tickets will be $5 off We will have very Special Meet & Greet Guest for the very 1st time ever in Lumberton NC!!!

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