Sunday, April 10, 2022

Next Event: 40th Annual Fayetteville Dogwood Festival

 Ring Wars Carolina will be doing LIVE matches from 12 noon to 6pm at Ray & Hay st. Come see the Top Wrestling company in Fayetteville NC. RWC presents The Top Gun Tournament. The Best of the best will be competing for this action and you get to experience it for FREE! See you at the 40th Annual Dogwood Festival in beautiful Downtown Fayetteville NC! The Top Gun Brackets will look like this:

You will see all of your RWC Superstars in action along with the tournament matches! Make sure you catch this and all of the RWC superstars in action!

Here is a map of the location where the action will take place. You can also see where the fabulous entertainment will take place. Hope to see you all at the 40th Annual Fayetteville Dogwood Festival in the Luxurious Downtown Fayetteville!

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