Monday, February 8, 2021

Event results: "I Aint No Joke"


I Ain’t No Joke Results
Appetizer Match 1: Rip Cannon (Debut) defeated Dirty Joe (Debut)
Appetizer Match 2:
(Debut) defeated
El Dragon (Debut)
Movie Myk (Debut)
Match 2: Snooty Foxx defeated Bato to earn a future RWC Heavyweight Championship match, after the match
Chance Lebeaux
& Bato would attack Snooty but he quickly cleaned house, Snooty then challenged Chance & Bato to a Handicap Match for Feb 20th with the RWC Championship on the line.
Match 3: RWC Jr Heavyweight Champion
Colby Corino
Mickey Fulp
Semi Main: ACR defeated Lola Bae
Main Event: Bro Force & James Anthony defeated The Wrustlers & Ray-Mo

*Join us Feb 20th in Lumberton NC at the Priscilla King Arena as 
"Get On My Level"

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