Monday, November 30, 2020

Next Event: "F.A.N.' Fan Appreciation Nite 2020


Wow! 2020 has been a real trying year for Ring Wars Carolina. We lost some and gained some. We got the  Big COVID-19 pandemic. Some superstars were injured and some guys stepped up to the plate! TV went from Antenna to King Network on Roku TV. A lot of things have changed in and around Ring Wars Carolina. But one thing remained constantly growing and that is you! Thanks to you guys and your unwavering support, Ring Wars Carolina has grew to epic proportions. We went from wrestling in front of an average of 40 to 50 fans to now 95 to 120 on a regular seated capacity. RWC went from antenna in NC based station to 55 million subscribers all over the world! And people said Lumberton NC, couldn't do it! Ring Wars Carolina & Lumberton NC said, " Hold my Pepsi!" Thanks to you guys we want to show you our gratitude by dedicating this show to YOU! Everyone is a kid again! All tickets are at kid prices, $5. This is our thanks to you for supporting RWC through all the chaos in 20201 We love you and look forward to seeing you and your friends at F.A.N. Fan Appreciation Nite 2020! 
*Please wear your mask and use hand sanitizer through  out this event*

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