Thursday, January 16, 2020

Next Event: "Fatal Attraction"

***RWC Is having It's 1st TV Taping!!!***

Looking at the past events, looks like someone wants to get some attention! "And So It Starts 2020" was an under statement! This past show was a great start to the 2020 series! But, some people stepped out just a little to far. Is It a crush? A New Years Resolution? Maybe it's a new way of trying to get a match signed! Gift season is behind us and if you want a shot you just have to take it! RWC Superstars are feeling it in the air. RWC Heavyweight Champion, Gem Stone has another tough battle ahead of him. RWC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Devin Worthy has an admirer in the building, who could that be? On February 1st, 2020! RWC will reveal just who is out for blood! Some want revenge, some want titles and some just want to be seen! February 1st in Lumberton NC, who will step up and say... I, I have a fatal Attraction!

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