Saturday, September 8, 2018

Event Results: "Sideshows & Suplexes"

Waylon Maze Defeated Flex Simmons   
Lynzee Pike Defeated Kris Nemesis   
James Anthony defeated Victor Andrews   
Kaitlyn Graham eliminated Lynzee Pike to win Battle Royal 

Next Event:

September 26, 2018

7pm bell-time
Ring Wars Carolina 
"Hayrides & Headlocks"

As you walk the midway thinking you can win those giant panda bears and blow up swords, you start smelling Candy apples and turkey legs. The scent of fresh roasted corn and strawberry elephant ears just past your nostrils with the subliminal message of "Come get me"! The carny yelling at you "Come see the smallest woman or the biggest alligator!" You get a small glimpse of the 18x18 foot monster we call a wrestling ring. 2 or more gladiators are set to do battle! You grab a turkey leg and a large coke and start walking over to the ring. You hear the loud slams and the gladiators are using there bare hands to WRESTLE each other down to the canvas for a 3 count. One-man grabs the other and picks him up by his head and shoulders, it seems. They both fall to the canvas and one pins the other with a SUPLEX! This is what you will witness and more, Wednesday evening, September 26, 2018 @ 7pm!

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