Sunday, July 2, 2017

Upcoming Event: "WarGamez" 19 yrs in the making

A War is what you want, then a War is what you will get! Lumberton NC, The Priscilla King Arena will be the Battlegrounds for this epic battle! first you will witness the 1st ever Battle Royal with Tag Team rules! All the Top teams have expressed interest and will be attending! The 4 county champion Devin Worthy defends his title against the Man who won the rights by going thru a bunch of people, Ash Aubrey. Plus you will see the other RWC superstars gearing up for battle. 

Let the games begin! Team Nite-Stic will do battle with Sinister Circle! Drew "The Undefeated One" Thomas has changed sides, Ya'll! What will Team Nite-Stic do now since they are 1 short. Best thing to do is not worry and keep training! 

Saturday Night, August 5, 2017 in Lumberton NC, this will be Epic! 2 rings, 10 guys, what is gonna happen? Blood Sweat & many tears will be shed! And along with all that, You will get to witness the GREAT SOUNDS of LOTE! 5 pc. band from Florence SC, coming to rock at 5:30pm. What a great 19 year anniversay gift!

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