Saturday, March 19, 2016

RESULTS | 03.19.16

Ring Wars Carolina
at the
John D Fuller Recreation Athletic Center
Fayetteville, NC

PoPo da Klown (RWC) won a 15-man Honor Rumble with names including Sam Houston, Beautiful Bobby Eaton, and WWE Superstar Boogey Man

Kris Nemesis with Eddie Brown pinned Torque with Lee Lee Williams

Caprice Coleman pinned Shane Andrews

Jessie Bell pinned Malaya Hosaka with Brandi Wine

Moose pinned Cyrus the Destroyer with Brad Maddox

Blake Barnes def. Dylan Kage, Rob Killjoy, Gluteus, Frankie Fontaine, and Victor Andrews for the Seek 2 Destroy Title

AIWF Champion Damien Wayne def. Chance Prophet and Tokyo Monster with Cueball Carmichael as the special guest referee

Team Handsome, led by Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant def. Team Stro, led by The Stro

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