Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Saturday, February 9 | Fayetteville, NC

RWC has been called up and we have to help our own. While serving his 2nd tour of duty in Afghanistan, Sgt. Monte Bernardo was injured and lost both legs and one arm. Help us support our Wounded Warrior! 

Ring Wars Carolina has put together a star studded event to raise money for one of our own, Sgt Monte Bernardo! We have ROH's Caprice Coleman, RWC Champion Dirty Sanchez, The Mid-Atlantic Monster Cueball Carmichael, Fayetteville's own' Hangtyme, Lou "Tough Guy" Marconi, RWC's fan Favorite PoPo Klown Topped with "Mr. Big Little Man" Lil Boogie Man!
What can you add to make this event even Better for the fans? How about 2 of the most powerful women in the area? "American Woman" Fantasia vs. Lei D. Tapa This should have every warm-blooded American in the Building alone breathing hard for weeks! 
We're looking forward to seeing all the fans in the building! Special autograph party at 6:30 pm! 1st 25 ppl at the door get freebies! See you there!


  1. I and my family really enjoyed the show. it was the fist time i attended a rwc live event. now that i have you will find me and my family at your shows evey signal time,no excuse's....